Monday 12 November, 2018

We’re not going for the ‘big reveal’ when it comes to our new website design.

We want to take you along for the ride.

We’re going to build the new Tonic Fusion website in front of your eyes. That way you can gain an understanding of how we work, giving you an insight into our methodology and thinking and why we’re adding each section to our new website.

Stage 1 - Website research and planning

As with every web design project that we undertake, our sparkly new website started with a research and analysis stage. We wanted to understand what our audiences are looking for, what’s going to make them click, read and click again. Our website needs to be sticky, insightful and interesting. Oh and it also needs to deliver the odd enquiry or two ;)

We began by investigating our competitors, looking at best of breed digital agencies in and around London. But we didn’t stop there, we also looked at best of breed worldwide. Why? Because we know there are competing wed design agencies with really great websites! And let’s face it, competition is healthy and it’s essential that our website competes with the best.

Local competition - web design agencies in St Albans and Watford

We also researched web designers in St Albans and Watford - we wanted to known who we’re going up against on a local level.

There are also plenty of digital marketing companies in St Albans, Watford and London, so our research and investigation included those agencies too.

LinkedIn content research

Our audiences use LinkedIn frequently, they read and share content as well as researching new service providers, like us. Part of our research included analysis of aligned content distributed on LinkedIn. We wanted to understand the article subjects and content that received the highest number of shares, comments and likes.

This research along with research across other platforms and social media channels helped us to plan our content marketing strategy and the categorisation of our content.

Services keyword research

It’s all very well listing out our services in an order that we think our prospective clients will want to see, but the reality is that we need to remove the guess work when it comes to planning our website structure and navigation.

Research provided statistics on the number or searches undertaken each month for our targeted keywords and aligned services. This research, along with the use of a logical website hierarchy and navigation plan became the guide to our new website structure.

Keyword statistics provide an insight into the potential traffic that we could gain by achieving high results for aligned keyword Google searches.

Wrap up...

This article has given you an insight into the planning stages for our new website. It’s a similar process to how we tackle the research and planning for our customers’ websites.

If you have a new website design and development project and need help with the planning stages, our consultants can help. We are based in St Albans and we’re happy to travel to you or meet at our St Albans office - why not give us a try?


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