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Our online marketing expertise includes: Content Marketing and Performance Optimisation through to SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing. We will develop and implement the right digital marketing mix for your business to thrive online.

Our clients engage us because of our track record for providing digital performance as well as value for money and transparency.

That’s why we’ve crafted the Tonic Fusion Digital Marketing Engine - a performance focused digital dashboard and suite of tools designed and developed from the ground-up to provide you with; service delivery integrity, reporting, analytics, assurance and above all an abundance of sales and enquiries.

We believe that successful digital marketing strategies require an ever expanding knowledge and an eye for the future. Our marketers are always learning and innovating. We develop our own unique and market leading strategies and employ them for our clients. We want you to benefit from this successful approach.

Your business is our knowledge

We pride ourselves on our ability to efficiently and effectively understand our clients’ businesses. We will thoroughly learn about your products and services as well as grasping your company ethos. We also undertake research about your market trends, customer habits, and competitor activity to ensure our understanding is on point.

Values and integrity

We hold ourselves up to the highest standards and we’re proud of our values and integrity to openly support our clients and help them maintain their ethos, culture and brand identity.


Digital Marketing

Local SEO tips 2020-2021 – checklist and guide

Monday 2 November 2020

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Consultancy & Strategy

We develop a full understanding of your business goals through creative consultancy. We then undertake a thorough investigation phase to research and analyse a myriad of data to forge integrated cross-channel strategies.

Search Engine Optimisation

Keyword research forms the integral foundations for your digital strategy not just your SEO requirements. We build SEO into every platform you use, expanding and optimising performance regularly to yield the best results. We adapt to your customers search habits and Google algorithms.

Content Marketing

We create articles that engage, beyond the written word, our content is as visually compelling as it is narratively. Why? Narratively, because Google is an avid bookworm and visually because a picture speaks a thousand words grabbing attention and supporting the narrative.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is an important tool for any digital marketing strategy, especially to help gain traction at the start of your campaign. We recommend budgets spend, platforms, re-advertising strategies and more.

Social Media

Right platform, right place, right time and right message. There is so much more to Social Media Marketing than a daily Tweet. We select the appropriate channels most likely to engage your audience and develop strategies and content to evoke interaction.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

It’s all very well increasing website traffic, but without effective Conversion Rate Optimisation new visitors will leave. We use dedicated tools to analyse visitor behaviour to develop strategies to help increase conversions time and time again.

Data & Analytics

Focussed digital marketing starts with accurate information. We pool data from a variety of trusted sources including: your website, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn. We are masters of data science, we unlock the potential of your data to streamline and optimise campaign performance.

Landing Page Optimisation

Often overlooked, landing pages are a vital component for truly effective digital marketing campaign success. We ensure that Landing Page Optimisation is built into the strategy from the start. The successes of the optimisation are then applied to key website pages.

Digital Marketing Engine

Unique to Tonic Fusion, we’ve designed and developed the Digital Marketing Engine with our clients’ ROI as a focal point. Our clients are constantly saying that our Marketing Engine is critical to their business sales success. Read more here how this innovative approach to customer care can help you and your business.

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